S.O.S. School Of Self-defence

"Do not strike others, and do not let others strike you. The goal is peace without incident." Chojun Miyagi

Monthly fees

Lil Dragons : £24.00

Juniors        : £32.00

Adults          : £40.00

Students      : £30.00

Sibling/family member discount of 20% per sibling/family member with at least one full-paying student

Family rates  : £75.00 (for 3 or more family members unless sibling discount applies to make it a lower rate. Lowest rate is then applicable.) 

Our monthly fees allow the following class entitlement to students;

Lil Dragons - Attendance at one class per week at any of our applicable dojos.

Juniors & Adults - Unlimited attendance per week at any of our applicable dojos.

The first lesson is FREE. After this, and on sign-up, payment is made by Direct Debit. First payment will be within 10 working days of signing up and the second payment a month after signing date and monthly thereafter.

*Please note that paperwork is completed at class time and direct debit forms and registration forms are not currently available from the website.

S.O.S. Lifetime Student Licence/Insurance

Lil Dragons: £15.00

Juniors       : £20.00

Adults         : £25.00

Price includes: Member to Member, Public Liability, Personal Accident

S.O.S. School Of Self-defence has Public Liability Insurance (including Member to Member Indemnity, General Third Party Indemnity & Indemnity to Organising Groups as well as Individual Members) and Instructor Indemnity of £10 Million. As a responsible Martial Arts School we ensure that we have the proper and required Insurance. As a responsible Martial Arts School we also ensure that all our students are also have the proper and required Insurance through their individual Lifetime Licence.

S.O.S. Uniform

Lil Dragons: Size 000 - Size 1 £28.00 (inc. belt)  Size 2 £30.00 (inc. belt)

Size chart:

Size - Height (cm)

000 - 110

00 - 120

0 - 130

1 - 140

2 - 150

Belt progression for the Lil Dragons is achieved through both attendance and ability. Every weekly class that a Dragon attends they have to be signed-in by a parent or carer, to show an attendance record but also as a means of knowing and checking Lil Dragon numbers in event of an emergency. For every 4 weeks that a Dragon attends they will receive a black stripe on their belt. They progress to the next belt once they have received 4 stripes. The belt is awarded the next class attended after receiving a 4th stripe. There is a certificate given the same time as the belt to recognise their achievement and there is a £10.00 fee for the Belt and certificate.

The belt colours are: White; Yellow; Orange; Red; Green; Blue and then Purple and Brown with a stripe every 8 weeks for these higher belts.

The intention is, whatever the age or finishing Lil Dragon belt colour, by the time a Lil Dragon reaches an age to start in the Juniors class they will have the neccessary full skill-set equivalent to a full Kempo White Belt, as a minimum.

Junior Blue Kempo suit (inc. white belt and patches) - £32.00

Adult Blue Kempo suit (inc. white belt and patches) - £37.50

Size chart:

Size - Height (cm)

000 - 110

00 - 120

0 - 130

1 - 140

2 - 150

3 - 160

4 - 170

5 - 180

6 - 190

7 - 200

Belt advancement to progress through the Kempo belt rankings are achieved by attending and, succesfully, completing the grading exam done at the end of every syllabus term. The gradings are based upon the syllabus techniques taught and learned during that term. All new Junior and Adult students have to complete and pass their Kempo White Belt Stripe grading to achieve the basic Kempo White Belt before they can commence the rolling 2-year syllabus programme of Kempo techniques. It does not matter when in the programme a student  starts with SOS as all will be at the required skill level needed by succesfully achieving a Kempo White Belt to then start on the rolling 2-year syllabus programme. However, their individual starting point may/will be different in the programme to another student that has started at a different time. Irrespective of start point during the programme, all students will have completed the rolling syllabus 2 times before attaining the belt to start on the advanced programme for achieving 1st Dan Black Belt. The belt colours are: White; Yellow; Orange;Red; Green; Blue; Purple Stripe; Purple; Brown Stripe; Brown; Black. It takes 5 years from starting point to achieve 1st Dan Black Belt.

All syllabus and gradings are in conjunction with and run concurrent with the syllabus being taught in the SKA (Scottish Kempo Academy) and all gradings are done in the presence of the SKA Chief Coaches at the same times and venues as SKA gradings with all grading fees payable to the SKA at the SKA fees.

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